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About The Be An Owner Opportunity

Stinson Hospitality is restructuring the (former Adams Mark) hotel into condominium ownership. Each suite is owned by an individual investor, who receives a leaseback rent + a share of the profits. Condo, taxes, repairs, and maintenance are paid by the hotel manager, not the unit owner. Investors share in ALL of the revenues, from all suites (not just their own) as well as from banquets, weddings, events, meetings, dining room, lobby bar, room service, parking…. from all of the revenue streams and departments of the hotel and conference center. A full-service, luxury convention hotel is the ultimate form of rental real estate, but an opportunity that is rarely available to individual investors. Units are priced from $99,900 (Canadian $), including furnishings and décor.

Why You Should Participate

1. The property is already built!

2. The business is already operating with existing cash flow

3. Individual real estate ownership, NOT a syndication

4. Affordable, under6priced property in a resurging city

5. You can use your RRSP or TFSA

How You Can Participate

For a complete package and more details, contact Stephen Kelley at or at +1 (905) 341-7082.

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