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Candy Factory Lofts

993 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

Candy Factory Lofts

The Candy Factory Lofts represents one of the earliest hard loft conversions in the city of Toronto and is arguably one of the best. Harry Stinson brought New York style lofts to the city and was a trailblazer in convincing the politicians in the city that Toronto was ready for these kinds of live/work spaces. Evidenced by the extreme rarity of listings, this building is hugely popular mainly because of the history of the building, as well as the size and quality of the 121 suites within the history-rich walls. The smallest unit in this building is 857 square feet – perhaps not surprising when you realize that the conversion was completed in 2000, well ahead of the micro-unit condo boom that has descended on Toronto since. Original features of the building have been preserved, and which contribute to its extreme popularity. The Candy Factory Lofts are about originality. 12.5-foot ceilings in most of the suites show off the original (sandblasted and spectacular) wood beams and ceilings, and much of the solid wood plank flooring still remains. Most of the penthouse units boast large square footage and private rooftop terraces with spectacular views of the city and nearby Trinity Bellwoods Park.
Candy Factory Lofts

Project History

The Candy Factory Lofts is Toronto’s first major loft conversion project. The Candy Factory warehouse covered an entire city block. It is still widely acknowledged as the catalyst to the redevelopment of the downtown west district and the inspiration for the explosive growth of Toronto’s downtown residential condominium lifestyle. In June 2006, Toronto Life Magazine listed Stinson’s Candy Factory project as one of the “Ten Most Important Events in Toronto’s History.”

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As a monumental landmark in the Stinson Hospitality Real Estate history, Candy Factory Lofts is a stunning, elegant building with unique, eclectic Stinson character.
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