Gibson Loft Rentals

601 Barton Street East, Hamilton ON
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Gibson Loft Rentals

Have you been looking for a place to live or work that is unique — something just not found in the rental markets today? Maybe you’re an artist with a need for creative space, or someone struggling to see today’s rental options as inspiring or exciting. Most apartments in Hamilton are old and out of date, while condos seem to have the same, cookie-cutter layout and designs. The lack of rental space available in Hamilton also leaves little choice to the thousands of new residents arriving annually. Gibson School Loft Rentals will be unique to the Hamilton market. Prices will be based on raw open space that includes a washroom and modern kitchen. Each unit has its own heating and air conditioning. Exposed brick, large windows and soaring ceiling heights of up to 17 feet will give artists and the like an inspirational environment to create and live.
Gibson Loft Rentals

Unit Layout Plans

400 Sq. Ft. 1 Bedroom(s) 1 Bathroom(s) Level 2 $2000 Available View Floor Plan
425 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedroom(s) 1 Bathroom(s) Level 3 $2350 Available View Floor Plan
Gibson Loft Rentals

Floor Plans

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Gibson Loft Rentals are an amazing place to live. As an up-and-coming, lively, exciting neighbourhood, you’ll love living here.
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